August 7, 2016

Affordable Open Shelving

I like everyone else love the Farmhouse home decor trend. I love Fixer Upper just as much as everyone else. I saw some open shelving on one of their episodes, and new I had to have them in my house. The reason I wanted them so badly was because I wanted a place to display all my cake stands. I thought that would be so cute. My dream is to have a huge hutch with all white cake stand dishes displayed in it. In my mind, this would get me by until that dream comes true.

I will give you the run down on what I bought where to so if you want to make put some together you will have all the details. 

To buy:

3- 4-foot pine boards  (you could buy other wood this was just the easiest)

Screws (we used these to attach the brackets to the boards)

You also need sheet rock anchors and screws to screw the brackets to the wall with.

Provincial Minwax wood stain to stain the boards.

They are so simple. Just sand and stain the wood. I sealed mine with lacquer, but you could use whatever you may have. After they are dry hang them. So easy and they make a big statement. 

I wanted everything on them to be bright and white. After I placed only white dishes on there while I loved it I wanted a little color. I had these sparkling water bottles from my bar cart I did for the 4th of   July that I wanted to use. I love them on there. Since they were green I shopped my house for anything else I could find that was green.

I loved the idea of having all my cake stands displayed, but it gave me anxiety. I do have 3 wild kids so I have to keep in mind that kids will be kids. So a few of them are displayed on the top shelf. 

I had almost everything already that I use to decorate these shelves which helped with keeping them affordable.

I really love how they turned out and I can't wait to change them up come Fall. 

Thanks for stopping by. Have a great day!

Product Sources

Green Cake Stands- Walmart Pioneer Women

Wavy White Cake Stand- Costco (old)

Scalloped Cake stand with Lemons- Home Goods (lemons I have no clue)

Small Cake Stands- Target 

Milk Glasses- Vintage

Tea Towels- Target

White Basket- OLD

Small Dishes- Target

White Bowels- Tjmaxx

Glass Canisters- Walmart

Grow Planter- Target

Plant- Ikea

Green Pitcher- Tjmaxx

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