June 16, 2016

June Swap

Summer is in full swing over here. This months theme is Summer BBQ. Some ideas are table clothes, cute serving utensils or bowls, apron, or your favorite cooking spices. There are lots of options for this one. Make it Fun!!!!

The spending minimum is $10. You are more than welcome to spend more which I think most of us do, but please spend wisely. One GOOD useful item is better than a bunch of smaller items that might not be as useful. I hope that makes sense. So just keep that in mind when your shopping and putting together your package. Also, PLEASE be mindful when you are packing your items for shipping. Package them well so nothing is broken.


   Once you have signed up send your $2 to graceyloudesigns@yahoo.com through PayPal. Please check the box "I'm sending money to friends and family" Signups will stay open until the 18th. On the 18th, I will send an email out to everyone who signed up requesting your shipping info. I will start emailing partners out on June 22nd if I do not have your shipping info by this day you will NOT be able to participate. If you have paid I will refund your money at the end of the month. The shipping deadline this month is July 8th. I'm giving a few more days this time due to the 4th of July. :)

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