April 20, 2016

DIY Flower Headband

I have loved these fresh flower headbands for a long time now, and I knew that when my daughter had her baptism pictures I wanted her to wear one. I called around and asked for quotes from local floral shops, and they quoted me anywhere between $75 and $90 and that they needed time to do it. Since I waited until the last minute that was not an option, and no way was I going to pay that. So I went to a floral shop and picked out some flowers then ran to Micheals  and got the other things I needed and the total cost was $22. So a WIN in my book and it turned out darling, so today I am going to show you how I made mine.

What you need :


Flower Tape


Flowers ( I used Roses and Ranunculus. I wanted a peony, but they were not in season)


I am not sure what the green leafs are called or the white little flowers. Sorry

The roses were beautiful. They gave the same look as a peony would. They probably worked better than a peony would have since they are a lot lighter.

The ranunculus is also similar to a peony. 

When I envisioned the crown I wanted it to be dainty and elegant. She had a beautiful full dress that I wanted to be the main focus. 

Step 1:

I took two pieces of the thicker wire and twisted them together to make it extra strong.

Step 2:

I took the fabric tape and wrapped it all the way around the wire headband. As I wrapped the tape I pull on it so that it fit really snug.

Step 3:

Pull the branches off the of the greenery. Mine are about 2-3 inches long.

Step 4:

Take the branch and take it securely to the wire headband. As I went around I left  1 inch in between the next branch.

Step 5:

Cut the flowers down with a 3-inch steam. Cut a piece of the thinner wire.

Step 6:

 Stick the wire through the base of the flower. 

Step 7:

 This part can be tricky. I took the flower with the wire through it and started to wrap it around the headband. After I had wrapped it around a few times I added the little sprig of white flowers. I wanted the flowers to lay facing outward so I had to end up cutting the stem a little shorter and bending the wire until I got it the way I wanted.  I repeated this step with tall the flowers. 

Step 8:

After you have the flowers on the way you want you can go back and add the little white flowers to the open spaces.  All these flowers would work well for a teenager, but for my little 8 years old it was just too much. I ended up taking off one of the white ranunculi. Then it looked just the way I wanted it.

I absolutely love how it came together.

Photo Credit: Journey Photo

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