January 25, 2016

Yellow Kikki-K Planner Review

When I saw this planner on the Kikki K website and immediately bought it. I didn't even think twice. I am not really a yellow person. I think it's cute, but I don't love the color. So, for me to just buy this was crazy. When I got it I immediately regretted buying it. With-in a week I feel completely in love. I love the bright yellow. It made so happy. I really love the black and white chevron on the inside. 

I bought the Gold Kikki-K last year and after a month of having it, I sold it. I just wasn't excited about it. It didn't make me happy. I am a simple planner. I love to decorate, but I still like a lot of white space. I felt limited with the gold. I felt like I had to stick with certain colors. I felt like it had to be more sophisticated. That sounds so funny, but I love colors and I love playing with color in ways such as planning.  The way I dress and the way I decorate my home I am very neutral. So I was craving to play with color.

I love the quality of this planner. It's very well made. I love the little details. When you buy the planner it does come with inserts. You get a calendar pages, a sheet of stickers, note pages, meeting pages, and little note pads in the front and one big one in the back. The price is $79 BUT it's on SALE right now for only $48. 

The size I got is large. Which is equivalent to the A5 size. It's big, but not too big. I would put this in my purse and take it with me if I needed to. I like the size. 

I made some dividers to spice things up a bit. I love how they turned out. I just when simple and found the paper I like. There really is not rhyme or reason to what I choose. They do not match at all. I just like it so I went with it. Then, I took them to Staples and had them laminated. In my Today tab, I have my monthly calendar and my weekly pages. If you are interested in what inserts I use I have a full post on that.

I have a blog tab. I keep my blog schedule and ideas in this tab.

In my Money tab is where I keep all my financial things. Things I buy online. I have a wishlist sheet in there of things I want to save for. If it has to do with money, it goes in there.

My last two dividers I left blank. One I want to use for goals. I haven't completely decided if I want to put everything in this spot or leave them in a notebook that I have all them written in.

The last tab I still haven't decided on either. I feel like the whole planner set up is a process. I am working through that process to see what works for me.

What planner do you use?

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