January 22, 2016

They're Real Tinted Eyelash Primer

I have a makeup review for you today. When I heard that Benefit was releasing this tinted eyelash primer I was so excited. I haven't been a fan of primers because they are white. I feel like you have to cake up  the lashes with black mascara to cover the white. It turns to a hot mess really fast.

The Benefit they're Real tinted primer is $24. I found mine at Ulta. You can wear this alone as a mascara, or you can use it with your favorite mascara. The claims for it are that it will enhance lash, lift, and separate. 

I am a huge fan. If you are going for super voluminous lashes this won't do that, but if you want long curled doll-like lashes you will love this. 

My favorite combo is the Roller Lash and the primer. My lashes are SO long and perfect when I wear these two together. Every single time I wear them and go somewhere someone always compliments my lashes. I also have used it with my Urban Decay Perversion Mascara and really like it to. You get both length and lift while the Perversion adds the volume. Right now I am liking the super long seperated lashes. I think this a great product and worth the $24.

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