January 29, 2016

The Reset Girl Sticker Haul

Buying planner stickers was something I just couldnt bring myself to do. In my opinion they are quite expensive. They are JUST stickers after all. I have been following Cori from The Reset Girl on Instagram for a long time now. I bought a couple sheets from her when she first opened her sticker shop. I liked them just fine, but I never used them. In December she release a bunch of new designs and I couldnt help myself. I had to buy one of everything. I wanted to share with you today what I got. Her shop is back open so if you love them you can go and buy some.

What I love about her shop and what sets her apart from other sticker shops is that she has color palettes. Each color palette is different and is targeted toward different tastes and likes. I didnt love all of them but I did absoulety love Girl Boss, Free Spirit, and Graceful.  

I already know that these tiny little stickers will be the ones I use the very most. They are just the perfect size to fit on the line of my Inkwell Press inserts. They also go really well the color palettes in those.

I love the little circles and hexagons. Arent these planners so cute?

I love how her designs are unique and trendy. 

These sampler sheets are so fun. Each collection comes with a few. They will add pops of decor to my planner with out being to over the top. I really like a clean and simple look to my planner pages. 

This is Graceful.

I love the modern look of these Free Spirit ones.

Her presentation is amazing. These are all the EXTRAS that come with every order.

I love everything I got in my order. I have already ordered more. I know... I dont need anymore. They are just way to cute. They will honestly probably be the only planner stickers you see in my planner. They just are what suit me and that I love. 

Here is an example of how I used them. If you want to see more check out my Instagram.

Girl, Go Get you SOME :)

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