January 27, 2016

Inkwell Press A5 Inserts

Today I want to share with you my thoughts on my Inkwell Press A5 planner inserts. I have been trying to find what works for in the planner world. I have done several post about what I currently was using etc. I saw an inkwell press planner a while ago, but they were always sold out. 

In October they vame out with a mini quartley planner. I bought one that I could try and loved it. So I bought the A5 inserts. You can no longer buy the A5 insertst, but you can buy the quartley planners and take them apart and put them into an A5 binder. Thats why I did for the first 3 months. It works just fine.

I love the branding of Inkwell press. I love the simplistic desgin. I love all the encouraging elments that she has sprinkled through out. 

Each month comes with a mission board. I havent seen something similar in any planner. I love that each month you can break up your goals and focus on bite size pieces insead of the whole thing. 

Next is the monthly layout. 

Here is the weekly pages. Inkwell press does have a classic layout and a flex layout, but the inserts only come in this layout.

Then all these extras.

A sheet for a gift list.

A travel sheet.

A movie to see list and a book to read list.

Important dates.

Goals sheets

Lastly, note pages.

My over all thought about these is I absouletly love them. The quality of the paper is OUTSTANDING. There is no bleed through or shadowing what so ever. They are very reasonably priced. I love what the company stands for. I love supporting business that are doing great things in this world and Inkwell is doing just that.  

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