December 2, 2015

Rustic Advent Calendar DIY

I have had this little idea in my head for about two years. I bought all the little bags two years ago. This year I had to make it it happen. I love rustic Christmas decor. I hope you love it too.

What you need:

Wooden Circles (Micheals)

Stamp Set (Micheals)

Black Paint (Micheals)

Black Ribbon (Walmart)

Green Stems

A branch from a tree

1. I started by stamping the numbers onto the bags. I slid a piece of cardstock into the bag so the paint didn't bleed.

2. Stamped all the birch wood pieces. Then we drilled tiny little holes in the top.

3. Tie the wooden pieces to the bag.

4. Attach the green stem with the ribbon. You can fill your bags with whatever you want. I made this advent calendar printable last year that I will be using again this year.

5. Hang them from a branch. 

You could do 25 days of Christmas if you want, but we usually are burnt out with advent calendars half way through so I decided to just start half way through the month this year. I hope you enjoy. If you make this I would love for you to share it with me on Instagram so post a picture and tag me.

Have a great day!

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