October 21, 2015

Get this Look for Less- Celine Handbag

I would love to have designer handbags just like everyone else, but let's get real. Even if I had an extra $3,600 I would much rather spend it on something other than a handbag. I have had some nicer bags before that I have spent $200 on and while they are nice and I love them. I find myself always want something new, and I can't afford to spend that much on a new bag every few months when I decide I am over a bag. So I usually just stick to inexpensive bags that I can switch out often and if my kids dump a whole coke on it I am not to worried about it. Because that happens when you have kids. 

This Celine handbag is $3,600. WOWZA... I found two from my favorite place Target that look very similar. They are not exactly the same, but for the price difference they in my opinion work. I actually just bought this one today. The cheetah lining sold me. I love a good quality structured bag and finding it for a much better price. So ladies save your money and get the same look for a much better price at your local Target. 

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