October 23, 2015

DIY Paper Clips

I am completely obsessed with plaid right now. It's everywhere and it's so stinking cute. I have been working on a pocket letter to send to a friend and I have been thinking about the things that I want to include. Paper clips were on my list, but I want them to be fun and cute. I saw the flannel at Joanns and new I had to make these. They are so simple and would make perfect gifts as a cute bookmark or for your planner friends. 

What you need

Plaid Fabric (cotton or flannel)

Paper clip

Hot glue gun

Sewing machine


Step 1

I cut the fabric into strips 2- 1''x 6'' ( If you don't have wide paper clips like mine then I would only cut them 1/2''x5'')

Step 2

Sew around the raw edges. You don't have to do this step if you don't want to. Then pull the strings around the edges to give it a frayed look. It makes them look so much better.

Step 3

Fold the strip in half and pull the loop end through the paper clip and then pull the ends through the loop.

Step 4

If you need to dab some hot glue on the back side to keep it tight then do so now. I only had to do that on one of mine. I think it depends on the weight of the fabric.

They are so fun and cute. I also think they would be super cute clipped to gift tags on Christmas presents just add a little something extra.

I am off to make 100 more. 


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