September 18, 2015

Fall Boot Guide

Who's ready for Fall? I know that I am. I love changing up my wardrobe for fall the very most. I love find a really good pair of boots. With that being said, my fashion post usually are pretty inexpensive pieces, but when it comes to boots I think that spending a little more is well worth it. Typically boots last for years and get you get your money's worth. 

1. 'Natalya' Burnished Leather Demi Wedge Boots ($179)- I have been eyeing these boots for two years now. I just need to bite the bullet and buy them. I just really like trying boots on before I buy them. They come in a few different colors. They could be worn every day or you could dress them up. LOVE THEM.

2. Women'a A+ Emery Booties ($44)- I love the little buckle on these. The best thing is they are from Target and rather inexpensive. I don't gravitate to black shoes, but I just think these would be perfect for fall. 

3. Sam Edelmen 'Paige' Fringe Ankle Boot ($169)- These are my second favorite. They would be perfect for every day and would go with anything. 

4. Matisse 'Lonnie' Boot ($98)- I didn't wear tall boots once last year, but living in Las Vegas it doesn't EVER get cold enough for tall boots. I love the color of these and love to even wear them with black leggings. They will transition perfectly for Winter to.

5. Hunter Rain Boots ($150)- I might be the last girl on the planet to own a pair of Hunter boots. but they are going on my Christmas list this year. They are just perfect for Fall and Winter. 


  1. I just love tall boots. I only started wearing them a couple winters ago and now I wear them most of the time once it gets cold. Of course, it gets really cold here. I love #4. I have a pair of rain boots I love too.

  2. This is the year I buy a pair of tall boots. I have a couple pairs of half boots.

  3. These are absolutely adorable! I love boots in the winter. It's all I ever wear. Those red boots are sure cute! I need to share this with my friends. Love it!


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