August 15, 2015

August Swap

Welcome to another fun month. This month's swap theme is Colors of the Rainbow. You will need to send something of every color of the rainbow. So 6 items.

The spending minimum is $10. You are more than welcome to spend more which I think most of us do, but please spend wisely. One GOOD useful item is better than a bunch of smaller items that might not be as useful. I hope that makes sense. I had a few emails about this last month. So just keep that in mind when your shopping and putting together your package.

Sign up Here

Once you have signed up send your $2 to through PayPal. Please check the box "I'm sending money to friends and family" Sign ups will stay open until the 18th. I will be emailing partners out on August 22th The shipping deadline this month is September 4th. 

THANK YOU again for all your continued support I am so grateful for you. 

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