July 6, 2015

Pool Bag Essentials

I thought since this month Swap theme was Pool/beach bag essentials I would put together all of my essentials in a blog post. I really only shop at Target so all these things are from there. Just to get that out of the way just in case you are wondering where everything is from.

1. I love these wrap around towels. I can wrap a towel around me and then have two hands-free to help the kids get dried off and get things cleaned up.

2. Of course, you need a huge beach bag. I am loving the straw ones this year.

3. Chapstick that SPF is a must for me. If I am out in the sun too long without it I can be guaranteed fever blisters.

4. Even though I have the wrap around towel I also have just a regular towel that I can lay out on if I am not in the pool.

5. Sunglasses are a must for me also. Having super cute ones is an added bonus.

6. Hair ties. I love these fabric/elastic ones they don't pull my hair out but still hold all my hair up and tight. 

7. Having some kind of hat is always a good idea. I love these big floppy hats. 

8. First aid kit. Someone always needs a band-aid.

9. I have seen something going around on Facebook that Spray sunscreens are not good for you, but I still use them. They are super easy and fast and I hate having sticky hands from rubbing it in. 

10. A water bottle is also a must especially now that its super hot. I love these Contigo ones I love that they have a flip up lid. I do not like the ones that you have to suck on. Never fails the water in the straw part is nasty. Yuck

What is your Pool bag Essentials? 

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