August 17, 2015

Plan For Success

When I was thinking about doing this post I thought to myself it was kinda cheesy but as cheesy as it may be. It might inspire one person. So I am going to to share my experience with planning.

I started in the planner world almost a year ago. It all started when I came across a Youtube video with someone showing how they used their Erin Condren Planner. I was hooked. I watch a million and half videos. I wasn't ready to invest in an expensive planner because I wasn't sure if it was something I would keep up or if it would just a thing I did for a short time. You know "those" things. Don't we all have a million of those? So I just went to Walmart and got the most simple planner I could find, but that was still cute. I was inspired mostly by how everyone was decorating their planners. It was so cute. I had a million rolls of washi tape just sitting around that I could finally put to use. That what I was most excited about. After a few weeks, I noticed a change in myself.

As silly as it sounds if I wrote something down I was more excited about doing it. Which meant the more I wrote the more I accomplished. At this time in my life, I felt like my life was so out of control. Which it really was. I had lots going on. We were planning a big move. Kids had things going on. Family things. It was really good for me to actually plan my days out.

I have always been a list maker, but I have NEVER been successful in finishing said list. LIKE EVER. When I started planning out my days I only had a spot big enough to write a 5 things down in. So I wrote my top 5 things down and I would be so excited at the end of the day to check those 5 things off. Not only was it motivating me to actually do something with myself each day. Before honestly I would do nothing. I would sit around and when the laundry piled up I would do a few loads when the sink was full of dishes I would do them. I was just doing just enough to get by each day. I always felt like everyone was always doing something or having places to go. I always said I have such a boring life all I do is sit around. I would think to myself Why does she have such a fabulous life she always doing something?  

I am here to tell you that your life will be boring and lifeless unless you PLAN FOR SUCCES/Things to do to keep your self busy. As the saying goes if you don't plan... plan to fail. It goes with life it goes with weightloss and fitness. This may not work for everyone, but it has worked really well for me. I am not perfect and there are days and even weeks I do nothing.. I plan nothing.. But I know when I do I feel happier and I feel better about life. I feel like I am in control. The cherry on top was it gave me a creative outlet when I really didn't have the time to be creative. I don't go over-board with decorating. I like clean and simple layouts. I mainly use washi tape, page flags from Target, and a few stickers. 

I have gotten different types of planners. I am still on the hunt for the perfect one. Which I might always be. I have tried the store bought one from Walmart. Which I think might up to this point be my favorite. I used the Kate Spade one that I was gifted for awhile, but had she not I would probably still be using my Walmart planner. I have also had a Kikki K planner which I loved but thought it was too big so I sold it and have regretted it ever since. I did love having a ring binder. I could keep all my lists, bill info, and blog stuff all in one spot. I have a Webster Pages Color crush planner which is absolutely beautiful the inserts and the planner itself, but its way to small for me. I need a magnifying glass to see it letters. (I am getting old). I do want to tell you that you can get caught up in the planner world so FAST. I strongly urge you not to. Do what makes you happy and what works for you.  There are lots of gorgeous pictures on Instagram, but at the end of the day if you are just creating beautiful spreads, but they aren't functional in helping you be successful then what's the point. If you only do it for a scrapbooking type activity then great, but if you are working on getting control of your life and being motivated to get things done then decorating should be second. 

Like I said at the beginning of the post. This may have been the silliest post ever, but if it inspires one person to start organizing their life and helps them feel better about their days like it has mine then it wasn't so silly. :) Check back later this week I am sharing my current planner that I am using and absolutely loving. 

Happy Planning!!!


  1. Not silly at all - this was a great post! :) Have a new planner myself and this helped me get inspired to start filling it out! {Beautiful pictures, too, by the way}


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