July 10, 2015

Flamingo Fever

This post contains affiliate links I will be compensated if you use my links to make a purchase. I am grateful for any love and support.

I completely obsessed with EVERYTHING flamingo's right now. Aren't you? I spent a ridiculous amount of time looking on the internet at all things flamingo's. Then I had this bright idea I would share with you all my favorite finds. :) 

1. Flamingo Phone Case- Isn't this so cute. Would look so cute on a gold iPhone. This is what started my search for all things Flamingo. I am in the market for a new phone case.

2. Flamingo Monogram Tumbler- A tumbler is an essential for Summer. We must stay hydrated might as well have a cute cup.

3. Flamingo Water Floaty- I mean COME ON. Is this not the best thing EVER. Everyone needs to be floating around the pool on a flamingo.

4. Flamingo Print Slip-on Shoes- You can even get flamingos on your shoes.

5. Flamingo Pillows- These would be a perfect addition to a patio or even your couch for the summer months.

6. Flamingo Straws- These are out of this world cute. You could use them for a Summer BBQ or for a flamingo party, because who wouldn't want to have a flamingo birthday party. No need for a special occasion I would use these to sip my Diet Coke.

7. Flamingo Beach Towel- A beach towel is also a summer essential. Flamingos are just the cherry on top.

8. Flamingo Bag- Perfect for a pool bag, beach bag or and everyday bag.

9. Flamingo Socks- Not exactly ideal for summer, but still darling.

10. Flamingo T-Shirt- I have been eyeing this shirt as well as a couple other flamingo ones from Kohl's. They are so cute.

11.  Keep Calm and Love Flamingos- Perfect for coffee or tea lovers.

12. Flamingo Wall Art- The print plus the gold frame is just AMAZING. Great for a bathroom or an office. This is just a printable for only $5.00.

13. Flamingo Candles- Perfect for a Birthday party.

14. Flamingo Tape Dispenser- LOVE is all I have to say about this.

15. Flamingo Sheets- Just so cute.

16. Flamingo Washi Tape- Because you NEED it.

17. Flamingo Door Mat- This is so cute and would look great on a patio along with those Flamingo Pillows.

What is your Favorite Flamingo Item??? 


  1. #14 is awesome. I had no idea there were so many flamingo things!

  2. Flamingo Washi tape is pretty amazing! One I love is this flamingo baby girl swim diaper, so cute for the pool or beach. https://www.wilddill.com/products/pink-flamingo-swim-diaper


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