July 13, 2015

Covergirl Eyeliner

Today I am sharing a product that I instantly feel in love with. The Covergirl Intensify Me black eyeliner. This is the BLACKEST eyeliner I have ever tried from the drugstore. If you have been reading my blog for awhile you know that I am a huge fan of the Kat Von D tattoo liner in Trooper. I am not comparing the two, but this is just as black,

This eyeliner reminds me of a sharpie marker. The tip of it is just like a marker. It just has a different shape. It looks like a paddle. Which is good to get a thicker line.

When you flip it on its side you can get a nice thin line. 

Which is what I did here. I love the thin side. You can get so close to your lash line with it.

It is so black and matte. This picture makes it look like its shiny, but it's not what so ever. But as you can see you can get a nice thick line and a super skinny line.

I give this eyeliner a huge thumbs up. It last a really long time and doesn't smudge or transfer to the crease.  I purchase this at CVS for $8.99 so its kinda expensive for a drugstore product, but you can always get Covergirl on sale or buy one get one-half off or something. So never pay full price like I did.

I am also wearing the Covergirl The Super Sizer mascara you are interested in what I think about that you can check out my review here.

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