June 15, 2015

Oh Snap- 4th of July Favors for Kids- FREE PRINTABLE

I am ready for 4th of July and all the fun activities that come with holiday and the Summer Season. Each day this week I will be posting different post all centered around 4th of July. First up are these darling little milk cartons filled with those super annoying POP ITS. I say annoying, because they make a huge mess. They come in tiny little bags, and the kids usually end up dropping them all, and they go off and then you have to deal with a crying kid. Can anyone relate? 

So I thought this was a better way to handle that situation. The cartons open up so they can fit their little hands in and pick out the fireworks and throw them. It also saves the mess off all stuff they are stored in. 

Best thing is they are super easy to put together.

What you need.

Milk cartons (I got mine at Michael's)

POP-ITS (Target or anywhere really)

Bakers Twine 

Clothes Pins ( I got the polkadot ones from Walmart)

4th of July themed paper



Free Printable

I just assembled the little cartons and then filled them with 2 packs of the POP-ITS and I tied the bakers twine several times around the box and tied it in a bow. I used the clothes pins because one side of the top is not sticky and they wouldn't stay all the way closed so I just pinned them with the clothes pins. I made a cute bow of one of the box. You can find tutorials out there on line to make them, but I just have a punch which by the way I highly recommend purchasing. I got it from Stampin Up and I absolutely adore it. It makes the most perfect little bow. If your interested you can purchase it here. The other boxes I just cut out a little pendant and clipped it with the clothes pin. 

I hope you enjoy this. I would love to see if you make some for your family. Tag me on Instagram @simply_girly_blog. 


Printable's are for personal use only!


  1. I love this printable and idea! And who doesn't love snaps?!

  2. How sweet, my kiddos would love getting a gift box like this. Lovely!

  3. Such a fun and simple idea. Thanks for the printable, too.
    Happy 4th of JUly!


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