June 10, 2015

How I see my Body

I have had dreams about this after watching this video that my sweet husband sent me one day. I struggle with embracing the body that I have been given. I have never been a size 3 or 4 EVER. I NEVER will be. I have several extra pounds I carry around. I have stretch marks from my boobs to my knees. I struggle with depression and anxiety. I struggle to look at myself in them mirror somedays. I want to have this cute little body and wear cute clothes. I want it all..... Just like I know the person reading this does. 

I want my cute daughter to love the body she has been given. If anything else I need to be an example for her. I am still working on this and I have a LONG way to go to feel confident even if I have all these imperfections. But after watching this video it put a whole new perspective on the way I feel. Even if I am the "ideal" size would I still love my body? There is so much more to me than my physical appearance and I am going to continue to remind myself that when I am getting down on my self for the way I LOOK. I hope you will to. You are BEAUTIFUL!

I just wanted to share this today. Its weighing on my heart. And maybe it can inspire just ONE PERSON like it did me. 

Happy Wednesday!

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