June 8, 2015

Elf Blush Palette Review

I have been eyeing this palette for awhile now and one late night trip to Target I decided to pick it up. I know with e.l.f its hit or miss. So I didn't have high expectations. This retails for $6 and you can get it at Target, the e.l.f website or anywhere that sells e.l.f. 

I am quite surprised at the quality of this little palette. Each blush is HIGHLY pigmented. You have to use a light hand or you will look like a clown. They have a buttery texture. As you can see from my picture they are a little powdery. 

This is the light palette. There are two available and both are beautiful, but I liked these colors more for Spring and Summer. What I really like is that each blush pops out of the pallet, so if you bought the other palette you could put all your favorite shades in one palette.

The first and third color are my personal favorites. 
Next time you are at Target pick this palette up. For only $6 for four blushes you can't go wrong. I want to try some more e.l.f products what are some of your favorites?

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