June 19, 2015

DIY 4th of July Banner -Free Printable

I am loving these little tapestry banners. I wanted to share with you today how I made this 4th of July banner. It's super easy and so cute. If you don't want to through the hassle of making one I included a free printable for you.

What you need.

White twill fabric (10inch x the Width of the fabric)

Black Paint


Wooden Dowel

Sewing Machine


Silhouette Machine (or something similar to cut vinyl)

1. I cut a 10-inch piece of fabric leaving the fold in the fabric. That will come in handy later. The reason it's double sided is because I wasn't sure if the paint would bleed through the fabric or not. IT DID NOT. So you don't actually need to have it layered, but I like the way it looked. 

2. I designed the Bless America in my Silhouette program and then cut it out with vinyl to use as a stencil. 

3. Pressed the vinyl onto my fabric really well.

4. Painted the fabric with acrylic paint. I did mine black, but I wish I had done it navy after I was all done. Be sure you don't have the bottom fabric underneath when painting just in case it does bleed.

5. Let it dry

6. Sew a 3/8 seam at the top and slid the dowel in.

7. I attached yarn to hang it with.

8. I made some yarn tassels. I just googled how to make a tassel and looked at the images and kinda just figured it out. They are super easy. 

9. Hang it and enjoy.

I think my cute pom poms I shared yesterday go perfectly with my banner.

If you don't want make a banner I did make a Free Printable. 

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