May 16, 2015

June Swap

Welcome back for another month of fun... This month is going to different. I have been thinking really hard about how I can make these run more smoothly. I want EVERY single person to be happy with what they get, and to actually get a package. I experienced first hand this month not getting a package. I am not telling you this to feel sorry for me, but honestly I was bummed. I had taken time and money to put together a CUTE package for someone. Then in return got a not so fun email.

To be able to keep doing these I have to change something. I don't know how to weed out people that just sign up and do nothing else. Except not letting them participate again. I stress every month that if something comes up just to  let me know, but letting me know on the day it supposed to be going out is not helpful. This month a lot of ladies got packages, but were very disappointed. Three emails I quote "I got crap this month it was definitely an after thought dollar store trip." This breaks my heart, because I know a lot the the ladies really go above and beyond. I don't ask that you do, but I do ask you send a quality package. Something you would be happy receiving.

 I am no longer going to ask for "angels" I haven't had the best luck with those either, and honestly I HATE HATE asking people to do that. I know several who are more than willing and I really appreciate that, but I can't ask you every month.

This month I am going to ask for you to send $2 to a paypal account when you sign up. I will then use that money to send packages to those who don't get one. The past two months combined I have needed 8 packages. I can't afford to buy things and pay the shipping on all of them, but I want everyone to get something. It just kills me. I have thought long and really really really hard about this. I have asked several of the ladies who have been participating since the very first month, and I have gotten positive feed back from all of them. Which I really appreciate as well. If by the following week (after the shipping deadline) you still haven't gotten a package I will be able to get you one in the mail. I like to think I send good packages :) This way everyone is guaranteed to get something. Each month your swap is supposed to be $10 BEFORE shipping. So each package that I send with shipping is normally around $20 most of the time more. So that adds up pretty fast. I hope that you will still support me in these swaps. I am open to suggestions if you have any as well. I am kinda passionate about these. I am passionate about women connecting with other women and lifting each others spirits up. If this a TINY way I can do that I want to do everything I can.


The theme this month is Picnic Basket. I think its perfect for this time of year with Summer right around the corner. Some ideas are a cute table cloth, small salt and pepper shakers, napkins, bowl and spoon, and straws. There are so many things. I just searched Pinetrest and got those ideas. As always the price limit is AT LEAST $10 before shipping. Please put some thought and effort into your packages and take care in wrapping them up so nothing gets broken.


Once you have signed up send your $2 to through paypal. Please check the box "I'm sending money to friends and family" Sign ups will stay open until the 18th. The shipping deadline this month is June 5th.

THANK YOU again for all your continued support I am so grateful for you. 

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  1. I've only participated in a couple of your swaps, but I had so much fun finding fun treats to send off! I think having a small fee is an absolute perfect way to address the issues going! I can't wait for my match & to start looking for fun treats for her!


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