May 29, 2015

Fashion Friday

Its Friday... YAY.... I don't know about you but, I have a love hate relationship with short weeks. While I LOVE them. I really need that Monday. Mondays are my get things done day. When I don't have it the rest of the week is off. So I am posting way later than normal today. But this outfit is probably my FAVORITE thus far. I recently purchase this dress from Mindy Mae's Market. I love it. Doesn't this outfit SCREAM SUMMER...

I love to wear t-shirt dresses in the summer. They are perfect for those ridiculously hot days. Which here in Vegas is like EVERYDAY. Wearing hats in the summer are a must for me. I can't be bothered to fix my hair everyday and in a hat its out of my face and off my neck. This hat from Target is so cute in person. I think the Tieks make this outfit extra cute, because they match the cute hot pink neck line of this dress. Lets talk about Tieks for a second. What color would you get? I love the hot pink, red, gold, green and mint. I want a fun pair, but I want something I can wear with anything. What color would you get?

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