April 6, 2015

Turn A Closet Into An Office Space- Office/Closet Reveal Part 1

I was not paid for this post. I partnered up Modify Ink and they sent me a free print. All opinions and text are my own. I would never share something with you that I didn't LOVE.

I am so excited to share this post today. I hope you can look past the horrible quality of the pictures. Its really hard to take good pictures in a closet. I had to bust out the flash. I hate taking pictures with a flash. Anyway.... If you do not follow me on Instagram then you probably don't know that I have been on this journey to turn my walk in closet into a place I can store all the things I want to lock away from my kids. I don't now if my kids are the only ones that love to get into and break or ruin their parents things. I can't be the only... I hope. 

So today I wanted to share Part 1 of my closet make over which is my desk area. My closet has all these different sections in it with just rods. No shelving nothing. We are renting so I didn't want to invest a lot of money into getting custom things made to fit this space. So I had my sweet husband add a shelf low enough I could use it as a desk. We just bought some melamine boards from Home Depot and he cut them down to size.  Its not a very big space, but will work for the time being.

My favorite thing about this space is my little picture gallery above my desk. I got the feather print from a company called Modify Ink. If you haven't heard about them you need to run (don't walk) over to their site and check them out. They have several different arts to choose from and then you can customize them to your room decor. I love the idea. I choose the feather one, but I didn't customize it because I LOVED the colors in this one already and thought it would be perfect already for this space.

You can choose any of the prints and change the colors and patterns to whatever your little heart desires. I could spend hours on the site playing with different pictures.

I have had this coral frame for a while and it was screaming for me to use it. and it looks PERFECT with the colors of the picture. Once you choose your picture and customize it it will be printed and shipped to you. The shipping was super fast as well. Its printed on a nice heavy weight paper. I love that they don't look like just a print. Both pictures I have from them look like they were freshly painted/ or in the case of the feathers painted with watercolors.

This cute little girl is also a sample from Modify Ink.

I love the way things are coming together. Its not perfect nor will never be, but its functional and still looks cute.

Be sure to check back for part 2.


  1. I love how bright this space is. And that feather print is so cool! Found you at the Link Party Palooza :)

  2. cherish how splendid this space is. Furthermore, that plume print is so cool!


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