April 29, 2015

Swimming Suits for Moms

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Lets me honest... who likes wearing a bathings suit? NOT ME :) but I have three little kids that LOVE to swim. So I don't have a choice. While I don't have anywhere near a perfect skinny body. I still am going to wear a swimming suit and take my kids to the pool. Because they don't care what I look like and they will just be a happy that we are playing. I am always on the hunt for a Mom Approved swimming suit. Here are a few of my favorites that I have found.

I searched the internet for swimming suits I feel are perfect for Mom's like me. I am bigger chested so I need a swimming suit that will hold the girls in. I also like my stomach area to be covered up. Some tankinis are still a little to short for my liking. I find that if a suit has ruching it always looks more flattering than something that skin tight.  I also like higher waisted bottoms. I need all the help I can get in sucking it all in.

I really love this one from the Swim Shop. Isn't it so cute. Love that its looser and will hide everything I need hidden in the stomach area. I don't think I would get those matching bottoms. I think I would go for a solid black. Stripes would do me no favors on the bottom. :)

 I love many swimming suits from this site. DivinitaSole is site that will help you pick the right swimming suit for you body shape. I really like the color of this one. I like the higher neckline and the ruching. 

I have been a huge fan of Hapari swimming suits for a long time. I have owned several. I love their Sport tops. They are perfect. I am loving looser fitting tops this season. I guess.

What I love most about Hapari is they have BEST bottoms ever. These Tummy Tuck bottoms are perfect for helping out that muffin top. They just suck all the right areas in. I will not buy a swim top if I can not find a bottom from Hapari to match. These blue ones would look really cute with the yellow top.

Albion has the cutest swimming suits, but not all of them would work for me. The Antigua Floral Icon Swimsuit is a one piece that has ruching. I need to try this one on a stat. I think it's too cute.

This suit is from Lands End. I like this one because it has a higher neckline. I also like that it's a looser around the middle section.

I have and LOVE this swimming suit from Target. It's so inexpensive, and really is so cute. I love the vintage feel it has. The best part it holds the girls in and hides my stomach area really well. Great quality as well.

I hope if anything else you find a swimming suit that you will feel as confident as you can in and rock it this season. I am going to try really hard to. 


  1. The Antigua Floral Icon Swimsuit is a one piece of them!

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