April 10, 2015

Have Courage & Be Kind- FREE PRINTABLE

If you haven't seen the new Cinderella movie you must go see it. I took my Daughter to it for a Mommy Daughter date. Its so fun to take one kid out all by themselves. Its fun to have a conversation with them when they are not competing with their sibling for the attention. 

I absolutely loved the message that was brought forth through that movie. 

Have Courage and Be Kind 

Wow. In this world we live in we absolutely need  do. Courage to make it through this crazy life. Everyday is a challenge for each of us. I know that we are each dealing with SOMETHING that is taking courage on our part to over come. Then Be Kind. Show kindness in all that we do. Wether its a friendly smile and hello to someone at the grocery store, or holding the door for someone. It might be being a little more kind to those we love and cherish the very most. I need these reminders all the time. It helps me to see things everyday. So I created a printable to share with you so that we can display in our homes. I know I have a lot of planner girls that read my blog to so you could print it off and use it as a dashboard. Do with it whatever your little heart desires. But it will be there for you to see everyday to remind you to Have Courage & Be Kind. 

Get Printable Here.

Its would also be great in a girls bedroom. Those young girls need to be reminded of this more than ever. 

I hope you enjoy this. 

For personal use only.

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