February 23, 2015

Best Sephora Finds

Going in to Sephora can be really over whelming if you are new to make up or just have never been to one before. It is still kinda over whelming to me unless I know what I wanting to get before I even go. I normally research products out before I go shopping. Make up is expensive and I want to be sure its really something I want.

 I have friends that text me all the time and say "I just got a gift card to Sephora, and have no clue what to buy. What do you recommend?" Now I haven't tried everything in Sephora obviously, but I have some absolute favorites that I always recommend, and then friend comes back later and tells me that they love the product that I recommended. I want to share those with you today in hopes that it helps you with your shopping trips to Sephora or even Ulta.

Those are my top recommendations at Sephora. I think these are great options for everyday make up. Things that any one can use. Hope that helps. If you have anything else you think I need to try let me know.

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