February 4, 2015

January Favorites

This month was a little different for me. I really tried to focus on getting organized in all aspects of life. So my January Favorites is a little all over the place. I went a lot of days with no make up, so I don't have a lot of things to share in the beauty world. Next month will be better. I just got a box of make up from Sephora this week. So I hope I will love the products that I got.

1. Valentines Washi Tape- I do have a sick obsession with washi tape. Its bad. This month I was on a mission for cute Valentines day washi and between Target dollar spot and Michael's my adventure was successful.

2. Banana Republic Wildbloom Perfume- I am not typically a person who loves to wear perfume. Is that bad? One date night before Christmas my husband and I went to Banana Republic and I tested all the perfumes and I really loved a few, but I didn't get any. So for Christmas my husband gave me a gift card to go and buy some and this is the one I picked. Wasn't  one of the ones I loved, but I do LOVE it. If you are ever in the Store give it a smell. Its not to over powering or floral smelling. Its really nice.

3. Garnier Fructis De-Constructed Texture Tease- My hair is the longest its been since I was a little girl right now. I have been really trying to grow it out. I  enjoy having shorter hair, but for a change I want long hair. I have been trying different hair products lately. I don't like the feeling of product on my hair. It just feels gross. This really is good stuff. It really does give a little bit of volume and some texture to my lifeless hair. 

4. Paper Mate Flair Pens- I really should of had all my planner things in sequence. I have been loving these pens to write in my planner with. The tip is fine. It writes more like a marker with a fine point. They come in a ton of different colors. They were on clearance at office max so I picked them up.

5. Lash Sensational Mascara- You can read about my thoughts on this mascara here. Its really good. It better never get discontinued.

6. Benefit Rockateur Blush- I got the Benefit Holiday Blush Kit and this blush is in there. I love it. Have been wearing it every day. Its a deeper rose color. I really love it.

7. Kikki K Planner- I got into planners almost a year ago. But just recently ventured out to a binder planner. And I am obsessed. Its of fun. Its just a little creative outlet for me while trying to keep things organized and planned out. It really is fun to sit down on Sunday evening and plan out my week.

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