January 14, 2015

Six Decorating Must Haves

I love to have clean nicely decorated house as I am sure most everyone does. I am in no way a interior decorator, but I have a few things that love and think look great all the time no matter the space. I am currently renting and decorating can be kinda tricky. I hear more often than not from people renting "I am not going to live here for forever, so I am not to worried about decorating." I can't live some where thats bare. I like things to feel homey and inviting. I have 6 Decorating must haves I wanted to share with you today. Things that you can use anytime and in any space. So if you are renting these are things I would suggest investing in, because they are things you can use no matter where you are, and they make things look nice.

1. Greenery

I use trees, bushes, garlands, potted plants, and wreaths in almost every space in my home. I love the warmth that they add. 

2. Family Pictures

Seeing family pictures hanging on my wall just make my heart happy. I have them displayed in my living rooms, kids bedrooms, my bedroom, and hall ways. I love them printed on canvases or displayed in a frame. Anyway and anywhere. 

3. Mirrors

Mirrors make smaller spaces appear bigger. I like to use them because they really never go out of style and you can usually always find a place for them in entry ways, hall ways, bedrooms, and bathrooms.

4. Apothecary Jars

I use these jars all over the place as well. They are great used for holiday decorating. I like to use them for craft organizing or for thing in the bathroom. The possibilities are endless with them. I am slowly adding Valentines decorations since I put away my Christmas decor.

5. Wooden Boxes

Wooden Boxes I think make decorations look more clean and more put together. 

6. Pillows

Pillows can really change a look to any space. I am kinda a pillow hoarder. You can pick them up for rather inexpensive and they make a big difference. I use them on couches, chairs, kids beds, my bed, and on a little bench. 

I hope these little tips help you and inspire you to spruce up a space. I shop at places like Home Goods, Tjmaxx, Ross, and Target. I even hit up the good will from time to time. Decorating doesn't have to be super expensive. A really good thing to remember when trying to decorate a space that less really is more. Try to keep things clean and simple. When things are cluttered with to many things it makes my mind crazy. I have a tendency to over think things and over complicate them. Your home doesn't have to look like its straight out of  a magazine cover. We actually LIVE in our homes. 

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