January 7, 2015

Beauty Blender vs Real Technique Sponge

I don't know about you but, when it comes to make up application I think that its key that you are using the right tools. It really will make a difference in the way your products apply and look. Make up sponges are really popular right now. The Beauty blender is a cult classic. Other companies have made similar products, but a lot of the ones I have tried are NOT the same.

I am recent convert to the Beauty Blender. I really didn't want to spend the money. They are quite expensive, but now that I have used both I thought I would give you my thoughts. 

The way you use them is to get them wet and then ring all the water out of them. They will expand and become really bouncy. I love using them because I have dry skin and the moisture in them while applying foundation adds moisture to my face. The application looks flawless. 

1. Cost

The Beauty Blender cost $20 at Sephora, but I found a 2-pack on Amazon for $22. 
Real Technique is $9 on Amazon.

2. Shape 

The Beauty Blender has a point on one side which makes bumping foundation into the face really nice. The point on the other end is good for blending in concealer under the eye and getting round the nose.

The real technique one has the same point, but the other side is flat. The flat side is not my favorite. 

3. Application

The Beauty blender is really soft and really bouncy. It works really well at bumping the foundation into your skin for a pore less look. I like to bump the sponge all over my face rather than swiping it. Pressing the foundation in give a better application. I have always had a hard time getting my concealer or all blended in until I got the beauty blender. There are times I use a brush from my all over the face foundation and then use the Beauty Blender to blend in my concealer. Works so well.

The Real Technique sponge is not as soft and bouncy as the other one. It works in the same manor as the Beauty blender on the pointed side, but the flat side I feel doesn't work as well has the rounded. As I said I like to bump the foundation rather than using a swiping motion. 


I am going to let you choose who the winner is. I really LOVE the Beauty Blender and am so glad that I finally purchased one. I will recommend it to everyone. With that being said I used the Real Technique sponge for a really long time. Its affordable and works just fine. So I say if you have the money to invest in The Beauty Blender than I say do it, but if not then the other one will work for you. I have tried ones from Kohls, Walmart, and Tjmaxx and none of those compare to The Beauty Blender, but the Real Technique one is very comparable. 

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