December 7, 2014

Random Acts of Kindness Advent Calendar- Free Printable

Today I am sharing a Christmas Tradition that I started with my little family last christmas. This year we are doing the samething just not everyday. Its was a lot of work. So this year we are just going to do 12 days instead of 25. Each day we did/will do a random act of kindness. I made my list up last year and I looked at my calendar and tried to think of things that would fit into what we were all ready doing. I suggest doing that as well. I have made a printable for each day. You can do what I have done just by putting them in little bags or you could get really creative and do something else. Or just use these ideas into something you may already do. 

Somethings that we did

- take flowers to the ladies at the post office. This was one of our favorites we LOVED the ladies at the post office and they knew my kids by name and were always so kind to us. 
- Left dollar bills in the toy section at the dollar store.
- took hot chocolate to the bell ringers. This was a really good one. It was FREEZING that day and they loved getting it.
- we took crayons and coloring books to the kids in the hospital
-my grandma made hats and I made little blankets for the babies in the NICU. I loved that one since I have two NICU babies myself. I reminded me of how grateful I was when my babies were in there and people brought special handmade items for my little babies.

My kids really loved it and looked forward to doing it everyday.  These are pictures I took last year (before blogging days) and posted on Instagram. 

I made a FREE printable so that you could print the ideas off and maybe start this tradition in your own family. There are not 25 because some of the ideas were specific things in our life that probably wouldn't work for everyone, but there are blank cards that you can write in some of your own ideas. I hope that if you do that you will share some of your experiences with me.

Print the cards...

Hope you enjoy!

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