December 21, 2014

Quick Christmas Gift Round up

I am thankful for fellow bloggers that come up with darling things that I can use when I am in a pinch. With having family in town most of December and my little family being sick for a week and a half I needed some help coming up with those gifts that we usually wait till the last minute to get like teacher gifts, things for the ladies I visit teach and primary teacher. Or at least I do.  Those seem to stress me out the most. I thought I would share with you the ideas I found out in blog land that have saved my sanity. 

I absolutely LOVED these blankets and printable tag that I found over at Just Destiny Mag. Her blog is one of my most favorites. I saw these and ran straight to Walmart to pick up some blankets for my kids teachers and a few other people I still had on my list. These blankets are so cute and so so soft. I had to get one for myself. 

I have used this idea more than one time in the past few years its so easy and cute. I found the idea over at Crafts reDesigned. I gave these to primary teachers, and the ladies I visit teach. I got the soaps on sale at Bath and Body works for only $2.50. Perfect gift.

I am kinda embarrassed but, I have done this a few times to. Originally years ago (before Pinterest) my cute sister in law had given me the recipe and the idea, but since then I have seen it pop up on Pinterest. I feel since I have new neighbors I can use the idea again. You can find the recipe and a cute free printable over at I heart Naptime that Landee See Landee Do made.

I hope that helps you if your in a pinch like I was. You only have 3 days left. EEK. I still have some shopping to do myself. I better go get it done. 

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