December 5, 2014

My Christmas Home Tour

I have been reluctant to show my "Christmas Home Tour" but I though WHY NOT. Its not perfect and its nothing extravagant. Would I want it to be... YES. Would I love to be able to have a perfect fancy christmas tree. YES.. Do I wish my kids would leave my things alone and not break them... YES. But this is really life people and I have recently just moved and got rid of 96% of my christmas decorations. My tree took a beating in the move. But I am sharing my REAL LIFE disaster with you. Please remember these are pictures I took. And only took pictures of CERTAIN things outside these pictures I HAVE HUGE MESS. I don't have a lot going on this year besides the tree. I am trying to simplify my life. I hope some of you can relate. And if you have any pointers as to how to keep my kids from messing with my things I need them. 

You probably are wondering why I didn't show the whole tree from top to bottom. The answer is the top part stopped working after I had it all decorated, and I am going to fix it. I AM DONE with this tree. Its been a NIGHTMARE.I had planned to do a whole post about how to get a "pottery Barn" tree for much less, but as you can see my ornaments are all messed up and look jumbled in places. I have a two year old that seems to be fascinated with my tree and likes to MOVE all the ornaments around. I didn't even bother to fix anything before taking these pictures. I think though that I did pretty good at creating a tree that looks and has the same vibe as the tree I saw in the pottery barn magazine. Most of the ornaments are from Target. :)

I made this sign after seeing one similar someone was selling on Instagram.  You can find the wreath design on the Silhouette website. I just found a font I liked that was similar to the one I saw and used that wreath as a stencil. Super Easy. And I love it.

Whats your favorite to decorations this year???

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  1. Your tree is so lovely Krystal! Especially a big fan of the RV carrying the tree. It's darling!



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