November 26, 2014

Easy DIY Gift Wrapping

I have an obsession with gift wrapping. I love to make things look cute.
This glitter tape is the star of the show for this DIY, but I use this everyday for something. Its my favorite thing every. I have gone through more rolls than I can even count. So run to Michael's and get your self some RIGHT NOW. I even used it for my Be Grateful Banner. I just can't get enough.

I made this cute little bag last month to wrap up my monthly swap items. I love how it turned out so much. I thought I would share it. Its really easy and quick.

I was given these black paper bags from a swap and they were perfect for this. This is really so simple I am kinda embarrassed to even share it, but I know there are people out there that do appreciate post that tell how they do something. I am one of those people. :)

You just need the tape and a hole punch. I take the backing off the tape and then punch the holes out. Its really difficult to take the backing off after they are cut. Then I just started putting the circles on the bag. I added my little cards to the bag and tied it with the gold ribbon and added that super cute feather tag. SO SIMPLE, but makes a huge impact. 

I will be sharing some more gift wrapping ideas in the up coming weeks. So check back for more. 

Have a WONDERFUL Thanksgiving!


  1. I've always loved gift wrapping and this is adorable! Great job.

  2. Thank you!! I am obsessed with gift wrapping.

  3. Super cute! What is the scallop made out of?


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