November 16, 2014

DIY Fall Wreath

I know its a lil late but I am a busy Mama! better Late than never right!?!
Also keep your eye out right now is when the fall decor and crafts go on sale! 
I got these things last year after Thanksgiving for almost 75% off!!! 
What I used:
*Foam Wreath
*15 foot roll of Ribbon (to wrap around foam wreath)
*Fall Fabric or Ribbon (to make Flowers) and/or 
*Fall flower, berries and any decor you'd like to add
* Thumb tack
*Hot Glue gun and glue

Its Pretty Simply Really wrap the ribbon all the way around and secure the end with the Thumb Tack.  Arrange the flowers how you want them and glue away!

Ta Da!!!
Happy Fall!!

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