November 5, 2014

DIY Be Grateful Banner- Free Printable

I know I am not the only one who is OBSESSED with GLITTERY GOLD ANYTHING. I just love it. I took down my Halloween banner I had up and didn't have another one to replace it, so I decided to make a new one. I originally had just planned to add the glitter around the edges and that was really cute. I couldn't stop there. I said I have a problem.

To make this banner you will need.

The printable banner (see links Below to print)


Mod Podge 

Gold Glitter

Black Satin Ribbon

Gold Glitter Tape

Hole Punch

All I did was put a small mount of Modge Podge around the edges in the straightest line I could and then dusted the glitter around the edge. So easy. For the polkadots I took the hole punch and the glitter tape and punched a million (really) little dots and stuck them on. Just a little tip to make things go faster pull the backing off the tape before you punch the holes. You could used different color of glitter and ribbon if you wanted and it would be just as cute. I know not everyone loves gold as much as I do.

AND WAH LA you have a darling glittery gold goodness banner.

To print the banner use the following links.

If you make this banner please post a picture and tag us on Instagram  @simply_girly-blog we would love to see.

This banner was made for PERSONAL USE ONLY!!!

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