September 30, 2014

September Favorites

Krystal's Monthly Favorites

I can't believe its already OCTOBER.... While October is my favorite month the year. I can't believe its already here. I don't have a lot of beauty favorites this month, but I still wanted to share some other things that I am loving this month.

Benefit POREfessional- This has been a favorite of mine for MONTHS and kept forgetting to share it with you guys. Its good stuff, but it is expensive. I buy the $10 tube at Sephora and it last me months. I love the way it feels so light and soft on my skin and it WORKS like a charm. Diminishes the look of my awful pores. 

Whitening Lightening Lip Gloss in Rose Hill- I did a full review on these lip glosses if you want to read about it here, but I have been trying to venture out into color lipsticks and glosses. This is the PERFECT reddish shade if you are quite brave enough for a bold bright lip. It still very pigmented but more forgiving then lipstick. I have been loving the bolder lip this fall.

Merona Black Blazer from Target- I have been on the hunt for awhile for the perfect blazer and I finally found it at of course Target. The fit is perfect. The material is a tiny bit strechty which I love. My favorite part is the lining in the arms when the sleeves are rolled up. I will be wearing this maybe everyday :) I am not kidding. I love it.

Glade Pumpkin Pie Room Spray- Its may still be 90 degrees outside here in Las Vegas I am determined to have a fall. So the beginning of the month I busted out my fall/halloween things. It wouldn't be complete without the sent of Pumpkin. I normally do not buy room sprays but my little girl sprayed this at Target and I had to buy it. Smells DIVINE.

Bath and Body Works Heirloom Pumpkin Candle- I have been obsessed with Bath and Body work candles for years and the fall ones are my favorites, but now that they have a million pumpkin something or other scents. I have loved the SAME one for years. They keep changing the name but its the exact same scent. This year its call Heirloom pumpkin. Its the best.

NYX HD Studio Powder- I have recently had to set my under eye concealer with a powder to help it from not creasing. It probably is the actual concealer I am using but I want to finish it up before getting something different. I have had this sitting in my make up drawer for a while so I decided to try it out, and I really like it. You could set your whole face with it if you would like. 

Lemon EOS Lip Balm- Now I do not love every scent of the EOS lip balms, but I got this one from Ulta awhile ago and have been using it every night. The lemon is just so fresh and good. 
Cami had surgery this month so she didn't try anything new or didn't get out of her Jammies many days! She is on the mend and will be back next month with her favorites! 

What have you been loving this month? Please share I would love to know so I can try new things! :)

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