September 24, 2014

Nautical Theme Birthday

You may not know this about me but, I can be really OCD... And the older I get the worse it gets. When I was first married I was really OCD about having a clean house etc... but when I had kids I really had to let it go and find ways just to deal with messes. Now my oldest is 8 and I can handle going to bed with dishes in the sink and if the pillows aren't just so on the couch. BUT when it comes to crafts or home decor or anything creative I have become ridiculously OCD. How does one over come that??? I don't know... If you do please share the secret. With all that being said. I worked on this party FOR HOURS. I spent tons and tons of time on every little detail and was so excited. Well reality kinda got in the way and the day of the party came and we were NOT at home we were in Idaho at a park so I didn't have the time to just make it perfect in my eyes. It ate me alive. I am thankful for my family for indulging in all my craziness that day and helping set everything up. Although everything was still darling it just wasn't what I had envisioned and I had spent so much time on everything that I was a little disappointed and even more disappointed that I didn't have a lot of time to take a lot of pictures. So this is what we get. 

The invitations turned out better than I could have imagined they were probably my favorite thing I did for this party. I had this girl design the front for me and then I designed the back. Be sure to check out her shop because she has some REALLY cute printable.

If you saw this post I did about my inspiration for this party. You would have seen the cake. I had my mind SET on that cake. I loved everything about it. I think the boat turned out so cute, but that cake was a disaster as you can see. 

I had this little stand for favors filled with different candies that had a nautical feel. Worms, fish, Lifesavers, and licorice rope, and donuts. The kids loved it. Of Course.

The Paper boats I made were also so cute. They added the perfect little touch to the table along with the table runners. I also think adding fresh flowers adds just a special little detail!

I also had a cute book printed with his baptism pictures printed in it and it melts my heart every time I look at it. I will share that in a post all by its self because it deserves its own post.

Thank you for Reading!


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