September 15, 2014

It Cosmetic CC Cream Review

I had never tried CC cream before. I knew nothing about it. I wasn't in love with BB creams because I like a fuller coverage for my base makeup. I have lots of imperfections that need covered up. So I bought this on a whim. It claims to be full coverage so I was sold. I can not rave enough about how much I love this stuff. 

I wouldn't say thats its FULL coverage but its has decent coverage. I love my skin still looks natural when I wear it. It just evens out my skin tone really well. I don't have to wear moisturizer when I wear this either. I do put moisturizer on before I go to bed, but I don't apply any in the morning because this CC cream is very moisturizing. Also has SPF 50 and anti aging benefits. You can only purchase this at Ulta or online. I apply it will a brush. The application is wonderful. I HIGHLY recommend this product to everyone I know. Its so so good! 

I am a little nervous to publish my face on the web, but I wanted to show you the before and after. I took these pictures before and right after I applied the Foundation. You can defiantly tell the difference. I wouldn't say this last all day, but it does last a fair amount of time. I sometimes just wear this and no other make up. I also have several compliments on how nice my skin looks. Its not my skin its this foundation. It make me look like I take extra care to my skin, and honestly I am horrible at doing that.

Do you guys like product reviews like this.. If so let us know what other products you would like to see reviewed. 

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