September 19, 2014

Frugal Fashion Friday

Vest| ShirtShoes| Jeans| Necklace| Purse

I am so ready for fall fashion, but living here in Las Vegas that won't be happening for a few more months. 
This weeks Frugal Fashion Friday is not necessarily Frugal. Sorry. I just recently bought the coveted Jcrew vest! I told myself if I could come up with 10 different ways to wear it it was worth every penny. I came home and quickly went to town putting outfits together. I was putting things together and quickly realized that it will go with EVERYTHING. So in my opinion it was worth every penny. I didn't pay full price for it either. SO WIN!!!

Finding staples are a necessity for me. I don't mind paying a little more money for things I know I can wear for more than one season and can wear for years to come. Its worth it to me to pay more money on something I know I will wear a lot than on something that I may wear a couple times. I have been recently cleaning out my closet and have gotten rid of things that I have worn a couple times and don't love or just doesn't fit right etc, and investing in good pieces. I think in the long run you end up saving money. If you are really only buying good quality pieces that you are wearing all the time. and then spicing them up with accessorizes. But if this is not your thing and you like the more trendy pieces than that's OK to. This is just my own opinion.

This was a different Frugal Fashion Friday, Hope you don't mind!


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