September 17, 2014

DIY Craft Tags

One Of my Newest obsessions is DIY Kraft items. like Tags , Envelopes, Cards , ATCs (Art Trading Cards). I use for my Planner, scrap-booking, cardmaking, collecting and sending or swaping to people! 
These Tags have been my Fav right now!! super cheap and super simple! My personal style is the vintage shabby chic looking ones. You can do them however you would like.
I got plain tags and doilies from dollar section at target or dollar store.  I also got my fav twines, Washi tapes and stickers together to make this one below. just grab a glue stick place doily where you want it and glue on.. turn around and cute excess off. 

I love how they turn out!!


I also like to clip cool photos from my magazines. heavens knows I have thousands laying around my house collecting dust. (I spend more time on IG and Pintrest now. )
Cut as close to picture as you can or just cut a box around.

After wards you have a bunch of Super Cute Tags! If you have questions I am happy to answer! 

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