August 20, 2014

Top Ten Favorite ways to use Coconut oil!

 I  have Seriously Fallen in Love with Coconut oil this year. My Friend Cara From Maskcara Told Me her Favorite Way to remove Eye makeup was with coconut oil.. not only does it remove it but it leaves your under eyes refreshed she said!  I decided to Try it and I fell in Love with it. Made my face so Soft, which is nice when you live in a dessert. and since it made my face soft I tried it on my body! and Then I coundnt Stop. 

Here is a list of MY Favorite Ways to use Coconut oil:

#1 Makeup Remover ~ As I said above Cara Told me this Trick and Ive been doing it ever since. Here is her Tutorial. 

#2 For Shaving sensitive areas! I have Extremely sensitive underarms and bikini zone. I put this on and use venus Sensitive Razor and I do not get bumps or Rash and a closer shave! I have NEVER found anything in my 20 Plus years of Shaving those areas that works! Wanna Try a Shaving Cream out? here is one I am going to try!

#3 Moisturizer.  I use this on my face every 3rd day as a moisturizer and my face has been so much less dry, Specially under my eyes.  I also put on Elbows and heels of Feet. Make sure it’s unrefined and extra-virgin coconut oil, and that it is liquid. Only use a small amount! You don’t need to wipe it off, as it is just similar to using lotion. Perfect all natural moisturizer 

#4 Cooking... It is healthier than many animal fat-based oils, and it has antibacterial, antiviral, and antiprotozoal properties that may help to fight illnesses. Plus it tastes just as good! Just check out pintrest for all the yummy recipes!

#5 The lil bumps on the back your arms! Seriously had this Problem and After just a few weeks of rubbing coconut oil on my arms after the shower it is now gone and hasnt come back!!
#6 Oil Pulling ~All you have to do is swish oil in your mouth and spit it out when you’re done. Oil pulling with coconut oil gets rid of germs and toxins in your mouth. It also helps prevent gum disease and whitens teeth. 

#7 Body scrub ~ Ive already said what a fabulous moisturizer it is just think how it'd work in a body scrub.. AMAZING! This is my Fav one I have Tried: Coconut lime scrub

#8 Furniture polish ~ Mix coconut oil with a little bit of lemon juice. and its totally and naturally Safe for wood! Helps Protect it From Water Ect and Keeps Dust away!

#9 Protect Hair from the chlorine~ Before you Hit the pool wet your hair and oil it from about the nape of your neck down. Then throw it in a bun or a Braid. Helps Protect hair from getting damaged and dried from the chlorine and helps keep from turing green. 

#10 For sun Burns or After Sun ~ I got a Horrible Burn the beginning  of summer  and I knew how good it moisturized my skin so I tried it on my burn. Below is a photo of the before and after . that's only 3 days of using it too!! It moisturizes like lotion but doesn't suffocate it like lotion. and has none of the Alcohol that most after sun creams have in them. 

Disclaimer: I’m not a doctor (but sometimes I think I know more than ours ;-) ) so don’t take any of this as medical advice. I have compiled information from my own research, but I suggest you do the same, as well as consult with a doctor before making coconut oil a permanent part of your diet, or as a treatment for health problems. I am not responsible in anyway for any side effects a person may experience by using coconut oil. Also, this post may contain affiliate links.

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