August 18, 2014

Easy and Inexpensive Framed Art

With Michael's Craft and Frame just a few minutes from my new house I have made a few stops there. First to JUST get some yellow washi tape. You know how that goes. The first thing I saw when I walked in were these DIY Gallery Art books. In each book you get 11 11x14's, 4 8x10s, 10 5x7's and 3 4x6s. They are $14.99, but I used the 40% off coupon on all the ones I got. One went immediately in my cart, and I headed to the frames. My first visit I bought two frames with no mat. I got home and just couldn't wait to get the prints in them and hung on the wall. The frame I got ( I wish I had taken a picture before I returned them) but it was a white frame with glass it looked like the prints were "floating" if you will. I wasn't in love. So I returned them and got these ones and they were PERFECT and SO crazy inexpensive. The big frames were on sale for $12.99 and the smaller ones were $6.99 PLUS there was a 15% off all frames.... I went a little CRAZY as you can see. 

The books I got were the American Sweetheart Collection, Young Girl Collection, and the Chalkboard Collection.

I will be putting these all over my house! I love that my kids can now read and have been reading these fun little messages all the time.

This is what the frames look like if you are interested in which ones I used.

The Young Girl Collection Pack has been so fun for my little girls room and I also hung one from this pack in my bathroom.

This is my favorite print I think.

They are so fun. I also thought if I got a little frame and added one of these and a cute ribbon they would make an awesome gift. I know I would love it if someone gave it to me. :)


  1. LOVE those! I am going to get me some. And where did you get your b&w striped letter? I NEED one! SO cute!


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