July 27, 2014

Woodland Theme Birthday Party

When my my baby turned one. I had been contemplating wether or not I would have a party for him. I kinda waited till the last minute when I decide oh well he is only going to turn 1 once. :) I like to start months ahead of time planning parties. I just REALLY love to do parties, and they take time planning and collecting all the items needed. This cute little party I threw together at the very last minute just for a family party. I think it turned out super cute. It wasnt over the top but, still fun!

I used lots of decoration I had around my house like these trees. They worked perfect I think.
When I started planning this party I just really quickly thought of some colors and textures I want to incorporate which were red, white, greens, and browns. I ended up using several different colors but, I think it pulled together ok. I was obsessing over the wooden cake stands I had been seeing everywhere, and I wasnt going to stop until I had them in my little hands. Luckily my husband was driving down the road in the country and saw a tree service cutting down some trees so he pulled over and asked if he could have one of there stumps and then cut it down smaller for me. I dont know what I would do with out him. (you will quickly realize I say that ALOT, because he is simply just AMAZING)

My whole party was pretty much base around these DARLING fox cookies I mean how stinking cute right. I had my cute friend over to help me with the icing of them and they turned out way better than I could have ever hoped for. 

I also made the mushroom looking cupcakes. They were were so yummy. We just made some fondant circles for the top. They looked so cute on the wood cake stands.

Walmart of all places is who I had make this darling little cake for only $8. 

Those mushrooms and deer are just to much. So cute!

For a little party favor I just had some cute bags that the kids could fill up with trail mix and animal crackers.

This was my favorite decorations. I printed these pictures at Persnickety Prints and I loved how good they looked. I just printed pictures of him from my Instagram over the first year of his life. Shout out to Persnickety Prints since I had waited till the last minute I uploaded the pictures and just called them and asked if I could have them by a certain day and there customer service was AMAZING and I had them with in two days. 

I decorated the tables with some butcher paper. logs and some pinecones. Super simple, but yet still really cute.

I hope that you will find some inspiration with this post. Parties can still be cute and fun with out going over the top and spending tons of time and money one them. I mean yes I could have just had family over and just had dinner and cake and that would have been just fine, and dont kid yourself we do that ALOT. But if you want to just spruce it up just a little it can be super easy and affordable. You just have to put in the effort. I did make all the decorations and food except the things I used from around the house and the cake. My family is really good to help out with food and things, so I dont usually feel the pressure of all that. Just the little details can make something small stand out significantly. ITS ALL IN THE DETAIL. I promise.

If you have an questions or comments leave them in the comments.

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