July 2, 2014

Simple As Just a Thank You Note

In this day and age we never sit down and pull out a pen and paper and write a letter or a thank you note. We have everything electronic. Which an email or a text is really nice, but what I think is even better is an actual hand written card. Whether you are thanking someone or just a simple note to let them know you are thinking about them. 

They really mean a little more in my opinion. I love opening my mail box and seeing a letter in there addressed to me. It can change someones whole day or even there whole week. I feel like if someone actually took the time to write something and mail it to me it means they really do care and really are sincere.
I really try weekly to send out a few Thank You notes to people that in the past week have done something nice for me or my kids, or one that just says I am thinking about you. I also like to write notes to people who have given talks in church or given a lesson or something telling them they did a really good job. EVERYONE likes to be told they are doing a good job. I find I feel good about doing it, and more times then not the person receiving the card will say "Hey, I really appreciated your card. It made my day."

I feel as women we need these little nice gestures more than we know. We need to make people feel special and that they are needed and wanted. Lots of women, if not all struggle with these things, and if we can all just do something little to boost each other up then we NEED to.

So, I encourage you to write just ONE note to someone each week. I promise you will feel good, and most importantly you will make someones day.

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