July 30, 2014

July Favorites

1. Bastiste Dry Shampoo- This was a monthly favorite for Cami a few months back and so naturally I had to try it to :). I really like it. I have tried others before and they didn't really do anything for me besides make my hair feel gross. This one doesn't do that. Its light but soaks up the oils from my hair. I have pretty oily hair so I spray this in at night before I go to bed and in the morning I don't have the nasty oily hair. I usually have to wash my hair everyday, but with using this and the shampoo and conditioner I will talk about in a minute I can go at least 3 days with out washing it.

2. Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz- I have only recently been filling in my eye brows. Gash... I know. I have fairly thick eyebrows naturally. So I was scared to fill them in. I thought I would look like a man or something. I had heard tons of great things about this pencil. I love it. It comes with the BEST spooly ever. The pencil is very thin so the strokes look very "hair like" and natural.

3. Revlon Color Burst Balm Stain in Honey- I really love these I have two, but this is my current favorite. These are very moisturizing and last a really long time. This honey color is the PERFECT your lips but better color.

4. EVA-NYE Shampoo and Conditioner- I recently had gotten this brand of hair mask in my Ipsy bag and LOVED IT. The smell alone is to die for. I saw that these were buy one get one free at Ulta so I decided to give them a try. Two for $8 was not a bad deal either. I was pleasently surprised. My hair was feeling dry and frizzy and this really helped. I only wash my hair every other day or even every 3 days and I give these two products the credit for that. I am one of those people that has to was my hair everyday or else its just big grease ball. 

5. Red Carpet Gel Nail Polish in Star Power- This color is the PERFECT neon pink color. I love it! I may or may not have jumped on the Neon wagon.

6. Caress Evenly Gorgeous Body Wash- This smells heavenly, and it makes skin smooth. It has sugar crystals in it so you can exfoliate you skin as well with it.

 1. Too Faced Perfect Lips Lip Liner In Perfect Pink: Love this Color and Love how it stays on for such a long time! It has a twist-up tip so it always stays sharp.  It is infused with priming properties to  ensure that lipsticks and glosses wear longer.

2. Revlon Color Burst Balm Stain in Audacious: I fell in love with this coral color! I loved that is also  like a lip  balm infused with a Triple Butter Complex of Shea, Mango and Coconut Butter. It Stayed on for hours too! (PS Ulta is having a BOGO 1/2 off right now)

3. Sephora MicroSmooth Baked Foundation Face Powder- I Love my mother but I got her Face sweeting~ not Fun Specially when you live in over 100 Degree Weather. I Love this Powder to pat over my sweaty spots like my nose forehead and chin to help with the melting!

4.Maui Babe Browning Lotion-   I used My Cousins over our 4th july trip and Fell in love.. It smells like Arby's Jamoca Shake! If you have a Base tan this Helps you keep tanning! if you do not it is made to go with a sunscreen if desired.  It does give you a lil tint at first too! (just make sure to wash hands after applying) Best Tanning Lotion I have Ever Tried!! usually only found in Hawaii but you can now get it at Ulta here

5. Victoria Secret Sheer Love- While At VS My girls were playing with the sprays and the oldest came up to me and showed this to me and Said it would be my FAV and she was Right. Light Fruity sweet Smell with a touch of floral.  (Ps VS is also having their 5/$30 right now)

6. Bath Body works Watermelon lemonade Candle- I usually am a Scentsy gal but Krystal Told me I needed to try BBW Candles.  Right now they are on sale for 50% off  (your husbands are gonna kill me with these sales, sorry) so I thought I'd try them. This Scent was Seriously Perfect for Summer!! Been burning Everyday since!

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  1. Thank you for the great suggestions! I'm going to have to pick up some Revlon from Ulta and definitely candles from Bath & Body Works... They are my favorite! They stopped making mango cilantro, which was the best candle ever... I'm definitely going to have to try this watermelon lemonade now


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