July 18, 2014

Frugal Fashion Friday ~ Harem Pants

I am Sure by now you have all seen the Harem Pant Trend!! At first they were very MC Hammer like! (think Justin Beibs) and I wasnt a Fan, Although They did look Comfy! Then I saw All The Stars wearing them and I felt left out of the trend....
Then I saw some at Ross that didnt have the saggy diaper crotch and I LOVED them!! So Of Course for only $10/ Pair I got a few. When I got home My husband made fun of me for getting them, but sometimes I know this is a sign of me being Trendier than him  (giggle).
They are now my GO TO Pants ~ seriously can be worn anywhere and Everywhere! 
So I decided to find a cute outfit using them and show you where to get some:

Top: Target $10 
Harem Pants: H&M $18
Bag: Wet Seal $25
Necklace: Forever 21 $6
Bracelets: H&M $10
SandalsRakuten $16
Total Cost for Full Outfit: $85

Here Are Some of Stars Wearing the Awesome Harem Pants

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