July 16, 2014

4 More Fun Nails

#1 Pinks and Dots
Dark Sparkle Pink is Canni Gel Nail Polish 
Light pink is Gelish
polkadot is  Jam Nail Wrap.. I love their patterns but have felt they Do not stay on My nails, even with Gel. I have Tried the Gel just on Top and with it below as well and it still comes off within a week :( 
Loved the look tho

#2 Gold Glitter n white
 With This one I wanted to try out the difference in white Gel polish's and using Glitter over top and Vinyl nail decals. 
I used Both the Canni, Gelish and Finger paints Whites... My Fav was Finger paints but also like gelish.. Did NOT like the Canni
Vinyl decals are from : Made By Munchies Mama ( once you choose style you can choose what sort of Vinyl you want, these are the Gold sparkle) 
For The Glitter Nail I used Super Fine Gold Glitter and I use it on the color layers before I cure it. 
Make sure you get a Good Coating (or Two) of the top coat 

#3 Minty fun
Loving Mint right now and wanted to try my new Color.
Mint is Finger PaintsPaint Me oh so modern 
Used the Same Lady on Etsy  as Above for the Vinyl 
Also for the White Glitter nail I used Fine White glitter on Color coat of gel. Make sure to get all Excess from around nail off with a orange Stick 

#4 Floral Mint and Coral
Once again I tried Some Jam nails Last week (Black with floral) They look Amazing for 3 Days!  Bummer Really liked this look!
Mint is Same Mint as above and Coral is  Finger paints Dadda Kind Day 

Hope you enjoyed! 
Keep in Mind I am NOT a Professional and am still learning and Experimenting with Gel nails! These are my own Personal Opinions.
If you have any favs or Questions Feel Free to ask.

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  1. For the nail wraps, run a thin line of nail glue along the very tip of your nail to help them stay on! Mine used to come off after about 5 days, but with the nail glue I can keep 'em on for almost 3 weeks (with re-applying the glue after about a week and a half)! :)


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