June 2, 2014


We are so excited to be starting this blogging adventure. We have both have been encouraged by many to start a blog for a long time. After talking about it several times we just decide to start one together and see how it goes. We both are into the same things. We are very similar but, yet so different. So our friendship works perfect, and I also think that it will come in handy for this blog. We will be able to share a variety of things. 
When we were trying to decide what we would blog about it came super quick and easy. We love fashion, beauty, and crafts and we love doing them all within a budget. Everyone loves a good deal, and you can look super cute with out breaking the bank. 

We met by living by each other and both attending the same church. We became instant friends and even though we live in two different states a day doesn't go by that we don't talk or text or chat on Facebook. 

Krystal's Family

Photos by Journey Photo if you are in Southeast Idaho you should check her out she is Amazing!

Hey there!!! I have been married to my amazing hubby for almost 9 years. He puts up with me and all my crazy ideas. He never complains he just goes along with it. If he wasn't so dang talented then I wouldn't want him to do some much stuff for me. HE CAN DO ANYTHING SERIOUSLY and if he cant he finds a way.  I got married at the young age of 18... GASP I know. I am ONLY 27 I say ONLY, because in real life you would never guess that. (When someone asks me how old I am people never believe me they think I am much older) Sometimes I don't know if I should take that as a compliment or to be offended. I do have lots of gray hair... so maybe its not a good thing.

 I have been blessed to be the Mom to three super cute kiddos. They keep me on my toes everyday. My oldest is Izaak and he is 7 then Ainzley is 6 and my baby Lincoln is 19months old. My kids are so full of life. They love playing outside and getting dirty, and they cry when its time to come in at night. I love that about them I rarely hear them say they are bored or have nothing to do. I love they are creative and use there imaginations. My sweet baby is a very busy little boy he never stops when he is awake. Being a Mom is hard work and often times I feel defeated and like I am failing, but at the end of the day I wouldn't have it any other way. 

 I love everything girly. So fashion, crafts, a good DIY, and makeup. I love finding a good product and sharing it with my friends. I also enjoy photography and sewing. I am a lover of Diet Coke and polkadots. 90% of the shirts I own have polkadots, and not to mention the pants,shoes,skirts,pjs, and jackets. To say I am obsessed would be an understatement.  
 At this point in my life I have needed a creative outlet so, when Cami and I started talking about blogging a fire inside me lite and I knew I just had to do it. It was something I could focus on while it seems like everything around me is chaos. While big life changes will be happening to my family in the coming months. 

Cami's Family

Photo by Elsha Christensen if you are in the Las Vegas area you should defiantly check her out she is amazing!

Hey All! I have been Married to My Super Fabulous Husband for 10 Amazing years!  I have two CrAzY lil blondies, Heather who is 6 going on 16, and Halli who is 4  (our lil tasmanian Devil). They Drive me Nuts (or coconuts as my Halli girl would say), but are my Joy and my reason to get up every morning.
 I am a Dreamer, gushy, Sensitive (yes I cry over everything), quirky (maybe even crazy), creative, I tend to be all over the place, what you see is what you get with this gal! I LOVE to Find Amazing Dealz and make things my own. I try to figure out the best way to do things and the cheapest! I adore Fashion and beauty.  I went to Cosmetology school, but once I had kids being a mommy has been my job. Thrifting is what really makes me tick~ Ones mans Trash is MY Treasure!
  I am not good with Change yet my life seems to be constantly changing. My family and My hobbies are what keep me sain.

We hope you will follow our blogging journey you can find us on Facebook, Instagram search Simply_girly_blog and on Pinterest

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