June 11, 2014

Fun Summer Nails Design

If your like me you Love having Cute nails!! I could NEVER get my cute nail designs I worked so hard to do to stay on! UNTIL I discovered gel nails! and I am Truly in love! 

What you will need:
 *LED Light ( I got mine from groopdealz.com)
 * Gel color Polish ( My fav is Gelish I got mine from sally's) colors used are White and rockin the Reef
*Gel Top and Base (foundation) Polishes ( got mine on amazon for a great Price here)
*Sally Hansen Gel Strips
* A nail File
*Orange Stick
*Alcohol (I got the cool Dispenser at Sallys too See Photo)
*Cotton rounds
*Optional~ Cuticle Clippers

Dispenser on Left. Example of Orange Stick, Cuticle Clippers and Cotton rounds.

You just need to Follow Instructions very, closely but here are my tips:

*Cami's Tips*
* Cut Nail Strips in half if your nails arent way long. they will last longer that way. (thats what scissors are for)
* Scuff Nails a bit with file/buffer so foundation adheres to nail better
* Make sure to not get the polish on your skin or cuticles. Product will lift.
* If you get the polish on your skin or Cuticle get the Orange Stick and Scrap around nail to remove excess BEFORE you do LED light. Once Cured it is hard to fix
* If After you Cure the gel and there is a lil over your cuticle you can CAREFULLY trim excess with the cuticle Trimmer
*Make sure if you are Removing old Gel nails with Acetone that you wash your nails of left over Acetone, it will Prevent the gel from adhering to your nail. 
*Reg Nail Polish isnt Suposed to work with the Gel. But Im a Rebel and had to try this out! I have Found some will, Specially clear with Sparkle kind
* When Applying Layers of Foundation, Gel Polish and Top coat make sure to ONLY use a small amount. if you have too much it will slide to the side while under Lamp and Cure that way.

Example of Strips Cut in half

If you do your nails post a picture on Instagram and be sure to tag us. We would love to see them.

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