June 6, 2014

Frugal Fashion Friday

If your Like me then you Love to Shop Shop Shop! Although I have noticed Lately a lot of Styles looking either to 80's Teeny Bopper Or too Matronly.
I am Seeing Lots of stuff like this:

I can Just See Stacey London saying "Oh Girl, did you run thru a shredder and it chopped up your shorts and left you with just your Bustier. then you grabbed your grandmas sweater and shoes to cover up?" 
I like to Think I have an eye for fashion, but so many girls out there are wearing this odd pairing. 
Seriously this look is NOT Flattering on Anyone!!

I just Feel Frustrated Shopping!

So we decided to find cute cheap outfits for you!
Here is an Entire Outfit for under $75

Shirt | Camo Pants | Shoes | Necklace | Earrings | Headband

Camo Pants (short Pants): Here $20
Neckace: Here $11
Jersey Top: Here  $13
Red Flats: Here $17
Headband: Here $3.50
earrings : Here $8

Total $72.50


  1. Cute, and something I would actually wear.

  2. Thanks Cory! That exactly what We were going for!


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